Worldwide Coronavirus numbers as of Jan 27th 10PM EST

As previously expected, due to the nature of the High R0 ( A number that denotes how highly contagious a disease is) , the rate at which Coronavirus is spreading and taking it’s toll is evident in the new numbers released in the morning of Jan 28th China time. The Hubei government released a statement the total death and the new cases that have been confirmed as 100 and 1300 respectively.

This puts Hudei province which includes the epicenter or ground zero of the Coronavirus epidemic totals at 2714 total Coronavirus cases and 100 Deaths to date.

Please find below two screenshots showing the total number of cases and Deaths by provinces in China and then another one that shows the rest of the world. Source for this is BNO.

Overall number of identified cases so far is at 4276 and the deaths are at 106 and these numbers are rapidly changing. I would not be amazed if the number changes by the time this post is edited and published.

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