What if the patients try to escape isolation?

Not everyone can keep their calm? Not everyone can stay stable in the need of the hour? How many of us can truly stay put in a room for over 24 hours? Such is the case of all of the patients currently infected and importantly IDENTIFIED and quarantined.

There are multiple thoughts going on in their minds. Am I being left here to die? Will there be a cure that I can use? How much longer will I have this fever and pneumonia? Is today my last day? What if I go home and spend time with my family? I promise to take all precautions to not make them sick? What if I get out and infect some of my enemies? What if I do not actually have coronavirus but they misdiagnosed me? Too many thoughts.

Not sure if everyone would want to get out of isolation if truly infected, but here is one sorry sole who is trying to get out, and the hospital staff is in the panic mode to contain the patient to within the room. Sad video.

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