SARS – All time – 813 – Coronavirus – over 900 in 3 weeks

Coronavirus over this weekend has crossed SARS all time number of deaths – 813 and is already in to 900 within a day. Chinese media lately reported that the total number of ‘official’ deaths due to Coronavirus is at 902. This is in conjunction with the total number of global cases due to Coronavirus that exceeded 40500.

There however have been various instances of biologists, epidemiologists, Chinese media and doctors within China that have been stating that the numbers coming out of China are extremely under reported.

Readers should remind what has happened in the 2 cruise ships with Coronavirus cases identified over the last week. The unfortunate series of events that followed after cases were identified in cruise ships has led to even more focus on both the cruise ships that were quarantined. The cruise ship quarantined at the coast of Japan is now a vessel on water with increasing number of cases being identified each day. The Diamond Princess cruise ship is currently the second largest entity with the most number of Coronavirus. There have been 61 cases currently identified in the ship. There are reports that with each passing hour passengers on Diamond Princess Cruise ship are growing restless. There are reports that conditions in the cruise ship are growing tense and increasingly ‘unlivable’.

Yes, we believe Coronavirus is under control and it is not a Pandemic.


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