Keeping the actually infected Quarantined

Quarantining a few people is a doable task, however quarantining whole cities is starting to pose to be a huge problem for China. How long before families run out of food? How long before running water stops? How long before fights erupt? How long before people with diabetes and elderly decide enough is enough and try to get out of there? What will be done to those that try and get out? How many have already left the province on means other than flights, trains and public transport?

There are multiple videos of security forces trying to contain, capture to transfer individuals to facilities if someone exhibits symptoms. The problem with this is that any individual who does not believe they are impacted with the virus – which will be majority that will be in denial – will NOT want to get in to that van and be shipped off to a building with many more individuals who could truly be infected.

Here is one more such video:

There have also been comments and rumors in social media around that the number of family members that are being taken away like this are not coming back and are either being incinerated or being locked up in dire conditions being left to die.

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