Is the number of deceased really less than 50 still in China?

The Chinese government is now desperately resorting to showcasing that they are doing everything they can. If the current deceased number is really below 50, do you think a government of a country with 1.5 Billion population – That is a B with a Billion, is going to start spraying the mainland with sprays? But, will a disinfectant spray really control Coronavirus? Haven’t initial studies on the virus proved that the virus has mutated enough not to be impacted by a disinfectant?

Is this spray going to really kill the CoronaVirus?

Is this contributing more to the existing polution crisis?

Is this ample chemical being sprayed going to cause even more respiratory diseases in the un-infected?

Have only 50 people died really and is the infected number still below 1500? If yes, why are the hospitals overburdened?

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