Is CoronaVirus really Contained?

State media and officials from china as well as around the world keep claiming that CoronaVirus is contained and that there is no need to worry for general public. If the virus was actually truly contained as they claim to be, why is the Chinese government now quarantining over 13 cities attributing to over 45 million in population?

Is this just a tactic from Chinese government to make sure a panic is averted? If yes, Is that working?

In this world of social media how long can they shut the truth?

There are already news around how China is censoring and removing any videos discussing and are related to CoronaVIrus. This seems to actually be causing more panic and lack of trust rather than reassure citizens of this world.

If they claim there are 900 possible infected cases (and 26 dead) out of the 14 cities currently quarantined how far is the real number from that? Multiples of 10? Multiples of 100? or more?

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