HUGE jump in Coronavirus cases and deaths – charts, graphs

Totals Moved to top of the post – Approximately 15500 new identified cases and 255 total deaths.

A great number of Coronavirus cases have just been reported by China. It is unfortunate, but it is not clear why the Chinese government decided to change the way they reported numbers – twice this week. Earlier this weeks the reporting numbers were skewed by changing the definition of ‘infected’. Read more about the first revision here – China Coronavirus numbers stabilize – really?.

Surprisingly, it is also unclear why they seem to have changed this calculation again today. The update from the government is:

The government explained the spike as due to a change in how cases are tabulated -- the total will now include "clinically diagnosed cases" after rising numbers of residents complained about the difficulty in getting tested and treated for the virus.

Yeah, no wonder. It was great while it lasted. Until today – as suspected earlier – and as identified by the non-main stream media over the last few days – what China literally tried to do is to artificially keep the number of Coronavirus cases down to the number of tests the hospitals could do – or at least the number of tests the hospitals were officially reporting out. This was throttled by the limitations around how many testing kits these hospitals had. If a hospital ran out of testing kits for that day, they would then not report any more cases – even if the hospital were receiving and admitting patients with all the symptoms of Coronavirus. Yes, nothing wrong with this scenario.

I wonder what prompted them to go back to report the total number of ‘clinically diagnosed cases’ instead of ‘Test kits diagnosed cases’. Was there a backlash from WHO? Was there enough rumors, backlash, leaks over the last few days like that Tencent data leak over the weekend? Was there enough outcry from CDC, WHO and other entities to fix this reporting?

What ever it is – the number of identified cases and deaths has unfortunately now gone back to follow the exponential graph much better than the Fed tracing inflation rates and countries tracing GDP rates. One has to wonder how Coronavirus knows how to exactly create as many cases and deaths to trace the near perfect curve.

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