COVID19 – Coronavirus spreads – an update

As mentioned earlier this month in multiple posts, the governments and the WHO have not been doing enough to limit the pandemic that Coronavirus is. Instead, the governments have been doing their best to cover up the true numbers coming out of China, downplaying whether Coronavirus is a true epidemic or not.

Multiple countries have brought back their citizens from the epi center – Wuhan, Hubei province over the last 3-4 weeks. Many went to the lengths of downplaying that Coronavirus is just another strain of flu or downplayed that flu causes way more deaths in numbers (not percentages).

Obviously, considering the lack of preparation and the delays in implementing quarantines, travel blockages across the globe, and the contributions from spreading individuals across the world from the epi-center, have all started to slowly contribute to mini-spreads across continents.

The only populated continent currently with no identified Coronavirus cases ( do they have the test kits?) is South America. Cases have been identified across multiple countries in Asia, Europe, North America, and Australia. Visit our Coronavirus Impact map page to visually see the impact broken down by the number of cases identified and the deaths identified.

Protect yourself and you family by purchasing some masks, disinfectants, and stock up on food. More is yet to come. Masks especially are running out of stores or have already ran out of majority of stores across the country.

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