COVID-19 – Coronavirus Feb 19th Latest updates

Russia has banned all Chinese visitors amid the coronavirus epidemic. Russia is the first country to issue such a ban. Will other countries follow suit?

Japan is about to release the first batch of Quarantined cruise ship passengers. It is said that the first batch of people that will be allowed to get out of the cruise ship – Diamond Princess – will be 500. Considering the number of cases identified over the last few days which increased dramatically and are currently at 542 – it is to be seen how the Japanese government is going to handle this. At this point, it is unclear if the first batch of passengers have been vetted based on either their country of origin or the proximity of them to the infected passengers. Are these passengers from a specific area within the Diamond Princess ship where minimal or no Coronavirus cases were identified? The next batch of passengers are expected to be released in about 3 days after the first.

Rumors and independent media outlets claiming proofs that the Wuhan Coronavirus Virus ( now named COVID-19) originated in a lab in Wuhan.

To ease fears of many around the globe, China has announced third consecutive day of falling cases. How much of this are we to believe? This would alleviate the concerns of the main stream media but is this something we can believe? The number of identified cases might be on a decline however even the official reported number of deaths still seemed to be either steady or on the rise. On Feb 19th, 136 new deaths were reported within mainland China. This brings the overall death toll to over 2000.

There are currently over 4 military locations within United States that are being used as forced Quarantine for individuals that were either brought back from China or from Diamond Princess Cruise ship docked at Japan.

Apple has finally guided lower for the upcoming quarter today pointing out the obvious that Coronavirus impact within the China mainland is not only hurting it’s suppliers but also has tremendously decreased the traffic to their stores in China – stores that are open.

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