Coronavirus Update – Villages sealing themselves off

Social media whether you like it or not has been sharing all these videos across the globe which show true human nature. With the government focus completely on infected cities and keeping them quarantined, the government had to bring in military help, help from other provinces, cities, villages in terms of their police, medical, and fire departments. With that the citizens of neighborhood towns and villages have taken it up on themselves to quarantine their cities. They have built out ‘check-points’, ‘towers’ to prevent folks from outside from entering their village. The blatantly say ‘No Outsiders allowed’ . There are also videos of these outpost stationed individuals chasing away ‘intruders’. They are scared and are doing their best to decrease the chances of getting infected.

On one side, this is what you are seeing from citizens – however, on the other hand you have external governments (countries) requesting China to bring in their citizens back to their countries. One has to wonder if that has any inherent risk involved….. Don’t they? Here is just one example of USA bringing back some from Coronavirus infected China.

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