Coronavirus – Update on how it spread over the past few days

Coronavirus is going strong. There is no denying that. Every mass media is trying their best to put the number of cases by country together to get the news to citizens around the world. However this view seems to be able to portray by comparing cases and deaths noted each day over the last 6 days. Please note that these numbers stop on Jan 30th in this infographic from BBC.

Also note that this only starts on 20th Jan and reports ONLY about the spread in China. Coronavirus has spread from abouut 300 cases on 20th Jan to abouut 7,700 reported cases on Jan 30th. As of today – Jan 31st 9:00 PM EST, this number was at 11,791. Notice the exponential growth each day. Also, keep in mind there are about 50 million people that are currently being travel restricted within China and rumors have it that the number of quarantined is probably over 50,000 and the actual true numbers may just be all over the place but no where close to what is being reported to the general public.

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