Coronavirus update – China Wuhan Hospital construction complete – time-lapse

China started the construction of a hospital in late January – 1/24. At that point there were barely 3000 cases being reported with less than 50 fatalities within the Wuhan area. Numbers being reported out were reasonably quiet small and WHO specifically did not identify Coronavirus as an emergency, as everyone tried downplaying Coronavirus to keep the panic at bay.

There were rumors, whatsapp videos, youtube videos, twitter videos, and tweets originating out of China stating that not only are those numbers really low, but the hospitals over there are already getting over burdened. These videos clearly showcased hospitals being overrun by patients, patients lying on the floors and hall ways, next to dead corpses. Social media kept pointing out that the Chinese government was downplaying and under reporting the number of cases as well as the dead.

Considering everything that was going on, it was a shocking news to read that the Chinese government was constructing two large 1000 bed hospitals in an expedited fashion to be finished in less than 10 days. Our post on 24th of January – A new 1000 bed hospital being constructed to fight Coronavirus cases touches up on some of the doubts we expressed – would a 1000 bed hospital be enough if the cases are almost doubling each day. Guess what – the number of Coronavirus cases number in Hubei as of today is over 11000.

Irrespective of how much these hospitals ease the stress on the hospital system created by Coronavirus, one definitely needs to appreciate the effort and the speed in which these 2 hospitals have been built. Here is a timelapse of the two hospitals being built.

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