Coronavirus – Now bigger and getting worse than SARS

Beijing sees over 3000 newly confirmed Coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours. Out of these 3000 confirmed Coronavirus cases, about 500 cases are reportedly severe. There were over 45 deaths in mainland China and Hong Kong updated a few hours back that there was another fatality in Hong Kong that is being attributed to Coronavirus. Unfortunately, this turns out to over 15% increase in the number of cases found overnight.

Reports from China indicate that the total number of cases now in observation has been bumped to over 170,000. 170,000 cases. A whopping Hundred and Seventy Thousand cases in observation. Around the globe the confirmed number of Coronavirus cases including the cases from within China mainland currently stand above 20500 and total deaths stand at 427

Here is a link to the statement released by the Epidemics prevention division of China. This clearly gives you a breakdown of numbers. Information comes from the official website of the National Health and Health Commission.

Here is an infographic comparing Coronavirus with SARS, Ebola, H1N1 etc: Please note that this is taken from China’s NHC. I also believe the US Seasonal Flu numbers identified in the image below is incorrect, but compared to the others, Coronavirus, even though has a fatality rate of just above 2%, it is still evolving and you can tell that by the number of cases that are currently being watched – which is getting larger and larger each day – 170,000.

The number of confirmed cases and deaths could very easily go high as days pass and symptoms appears. Also note the R0 number of Coronavirus that even with tough quarantine efforts seems to be on the rise from the original estimated 2.5 to around 3 at this point. R0 is Basic reproduction number and it suggests the potential transmission of the virus to the number of people from one infected individual. Do note that the research on this is still preliminary and all the numbers noted regarding Coronavirus are changing every single day as each country reports their stats each day.

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