Financial markets in China closed due to Coronavirus

China at its best. Let’s decided to open the stock markets only on days with no negative news. If there is a bad news or a virus – which the government as well as many other governments seem to be stating is just a bad cold – let’s just close the stock markets to avoid …

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Coronavirus update – Quarantines are starting to break

Like we mentioned in a post earlier this week, it’ll not be long before the Coronavirus quarantined patients and citizens in the quarantined cities, get to the saturation point where they say Enough is enough – I just need to out of here! This is starting to happen more and more frequently. Here are a …

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Coronavirus – Wuhan Summary video update

Here is a collection of a few video that emerged out of Wuhan last week thanks to Coronavirus. These are very distressing. Please watch with caution. This looks like the movie line – Beginning of the end. An agonized doctor that has treated CoronaVirus patients all day long. A frustrated doctor that there is not …

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What if the patients try to escape isolation?

Not everyone can keep their calm? Not everyone can stay stable in the need of the hour? How many of us can truly stay put in a room for over 24 hours? Such is the case of all of the patients currently infected and importantly IDENTIFIED and quarantined. There are multiple thoughts going on in …

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Hospitals in China – overwhelmed

Overwhelmed the right word? As eluded in the previous posts over the last few days, there has definitely been more number of cases than what the Chinese government is letting us believe. We have shared some twitter tweets in the past with videos showing the abundance of Chinese patients waiting to be seen by a …

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Coronavirus – Predicted vs Actual Cases and Death numbers

Here is a copy of the prediction vs actual numbers for Coronavirus as of today – 27th. You will note that the actuals have always been leading the predicted numbers however this seems to be getting away unless a vaccination or a drug that effectively works on the patients is identified.

What is Coronavirus?

This video source is The Guardian. We like how the Editor Sarah Boseley presents the context and take you through it. It is a short video worth watching. This video explains what Coronavirus is, where it started, who are more susceptible to the disease and explains why, how it is transmitted, if there is a …

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Worldwide Coronavirus numbers as of Jan 27th 10PM EST

As previously expected, due to the nature of the High R0 ( A number that denotes how highly contagious a disease is) , the rate at which Coronavirus is spreading and taking it’s toll is evident in the new numbers released in the morning of Jan 28th China time. The Hubei government released a statement …

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US Consulate employees from Wuhan to land in Ontario

US consulate employees from the Coronavirus struck Wuhan, China are on their way to Ontario airport in California. They are boarding a chartered jet with the order of the US government. The employees were ordered to leave China and head to US. Officials say that the passengers will undergo multiple health tests before being released …

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Worries grow that quarantine in China not enough to stem increasingly virulent coronavirus

Even as China takes more stringent measures to limit the movement of the vast country‚Äôs population during the biggest travel period of the year, there are increasing fears that the quarantine will not be enough to stop the spread of the new coronavirus, which so far has infected at least 2,800 people in China and …

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