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Coronavirus – Now bigger and getting worse than SARS

Beijing sees over 3000 newly confirmed Coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours. Out of these 3000 confirmed Coronavirus cases, about 500 cases are reportedly severe. There were over 45 deaths in mainland China and Hong Kong updated a few hours back that there was another fatality in Hong Kong that is being attributed to …

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Coronavirus update – Latest cases and deaths

The total number of officially reported cases across the globe today is around 17388 cases and the dead is 362 patients. There is a silver lining to this which is that the number of patients being cured seems to be on a positive trend as well. The total number of recovered approximately is 487 as …

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Coronavirus update – China Wuhan Hospital construction complete – time-lapse

China started the construction of a hospital in late January – 1/24. At that point there were barely 3000 cases being reported with less than 50 fatalities within the Wuhan area. Numbers being reported out were reasonably quiet small and WHO specifically did not identify Coronavirus as an emergency, as everyone tried downplaying Coronavirus to …

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Airlines still flying in to China mainland

I had earlier posted an article about airlines across the board that have stopped flying in to China due to Coronavirus fears. I went to Kayak and did some research to identify The parameters I used were Airports – All Shanghai(24 million population), All Beijing (19 Million population), All Tianjin (13 Million People), All Wuhan …

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Airlines from multiple countries cancel flights to China – List added

Majority of airlines across Europe, Asia and United States have blocked flights to China, some all the way out to March due to Coronavirus which originated in mainland China in at Wuhan. The latest numbers for infected cases in mainland China is around 12,000. With this ‘official’ number growing tremendously over the last few days, …

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