Coronavirus Impact Map

CoronaVirus Impact map

This map shows the impact of the CoronaVirus and gives you an update of which countries all over the world are impacted and how many individuals are currently impacted.

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Coronavirus Impact Details

CoronaVirus Latest Updates

Coronavirus has impacted many individuals and caused fatalities. This page will provide more details in to the impact caused.

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CoronaVirus Update – About Us

The mission of this website is to gather and provide up to date information about CoronaVirus and to provide any updates to visitors using data and details.

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Coronavirus update – Are we prepared for an epidemic as a nation? GotAMask?

One of the first things people have been interested to buy since the start of the Coronavirus outbreak has been face masks. This began last month when the outbreak started in Wuhan where the Chinese population began buying every facemask available to protect themselves as it seemed to be the first level of defense to …

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What percentage of people die from Coronavirus? CoVID19 vs FLU

Coronavirus has gone global quicker than any other virus in the past, thanks to globalization. Travel across the board to every nook and corner has grown tremendously over the past few decades. The epi-center of the COVID19 ( Coronavirus2019) epidemic being in the highly populous country as China and the Hubei region has given a …

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Coronavirus Cases and Deaths by country as of Feb 24th 2020

We have been keeping the Coronavirus Impact map up to date almost daily over the last couple of months. It is unfortunate that the numbers going higher day after day. However, we truly believe there are valid reasons whether it be due to whistle blower videos all over social media or due to news leaks …

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COVID19 – Coronavirus spreads – an update

As mentioned earlier this month in multiple posts, the governments and the WHO have not been doing enough to limit the pandemic that Coronavirus is. Instead, the governments have been doing their best to cover up the true numbers coming out of China, downplaying whether Coronavirus is a true epidemic or not. Multiple countries have …

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COVID-19 – Coronavirus Feb 19th Latest updates

Russia has banned all Chinese visitors amid the coronavirus epidemic. Russia is the first country to issue such a ban. Will other countries follow suit? Japan is about to release the first batch of Quarantined cruise ship passengers. It is said that the first batch of people that will be allowed to get out of …

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Leaked Internal email – Multi Billion Dollar Companies prohibiting travel to China due to Coronavirus

This was an email shared internally within a multi Billion dollar firm earlier this week – Do note that this firm operates in a large number of countries. A truly multi national firm with major presence in China not only from a supply chain perspective, but also from sales, marketing, engineering and development perspective. This …

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